Trump wants to cut off the money supply to democratically governed cities

America’s President Donald Trump has laid the groundwork for turning off the money tap from Washington to Democrat-ruled “anarchist” cities. Trump instructed Secretary of Justice William Barr on Wednesday (local time) to draw up within 14 days a list of cities and states that allow “anarchy, violence and destruction. Within 30 days at the latest, recommendations will be made on how far federal budget subsidies to them can be stopped. For the regions, billions of dollars are at stake.

In his memorandum, Trump specifically mentioned Seattle, Portland, the capital Washington and New York – all democratically governed cities. In Washington there had been protests against racism and police violence, some of which turned into riots. In Seattle, demonstrators had an “autonomous zone” for several weeks in June, which the police left. In Portland, demonstrations have continued for about three months. The protests were triggered primarily by the death of the African American George Floyd through police violence. In the case of New York, Trump cites an increase in crime, which he attributes to a cut in police funding.

In his analysis, Barr is to consider, among other things, whether the police are prevented from establishing order in the event of violence or destruction-as well as whether the financing of the police is cut.