Election campaign with all means

President Donald Trump uses the violence in America’s cities for his own purposes. For challenger Joe Biden the situation is dangerous.

It was a cry for help of a special kind. Tony Evers, Governor of the State of Wisconsin, addressed the American President. Respectfully he asked him to reconsider his planned trip to Kenosha, the Democrat wrote to Donald Trump. He expressed concern that “your presence will only help to hinder the healing process and delay our work to overcome the division”.

From the White House, the President is looking forward to his visit to Kenosha, where he will meet with police representatives. Trump wants to celebrate the success of his strategy there. He had ordered – in agreement with Evers – the dispatch of 2000 National Guardsmen from the neighboring states of Wisconsin, who were to support the local police forces and the Wisconsin National Guard in taking action against rioters and looters. They would have done a great job. Now there is calm, Trump said.

Trump made little comment on the riots that followed peaceful demonstrations. After a policeman shot African American Jacob Blake seven times in the back on Sunday a week ago while attempting an arrest, Trump said five days later only that he would look into it. But it had not been a “good sight”. Later he added that mistakes were made, but the police must be protected. And when a group of armed whites took to the streets during the Kenosha riots, and 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, as his lawyer has since stated, “protected his community,” shooting two protesters with his assault rifle and injuring another, Trump merely replied that the incident was being investigated.